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Edited: 2021-11-27

Why blogging by date when you can write your thoughts freely? This blog used to be ordered descending by date. Each page was an article and the home page was the latest article. This format is no longer. Instead, it will be a single page by topic, updated infrequently with recent thoughts. A website should not be focused on new content, but it should curate the existing one and focus on improving it, not growing it endlessly.

From 300+ pages, mindwi.se aims to be one-tenth of that, to avoid confusion and duplicate (or really similar) content. It is part of the subtraction mentality, instead of constantly adding.

mind: lifestyle, books, minimalism, family, moving, frugal, create, nature

wise: technology backup, digital-downsizing, computer, dev, finance, consumerism, growth, transport, biking.

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