Published on: 2021-01-22

In trying to keep my life centered, here are 10 recommendations.

  1. Quality over quantity. I will never furnish my place with IKEA again, as well that I will never buy low quality clothing ever again. No fast consumerism, go with a slow, mindful consumption.
  2. Objects as tool, not as trophy. Objects are around us to help fulfill specific tasks. Owning a beautiful car that can't be driven in the snow because it may scratch the plastic undercover is not ideal. It's better to have rugged tool that can last instead of work-of-art tool that are more pain than joy.
  3. No mindless shopping. Exit any sales, Black Fridays, pre-Black Friday, post-Black Friday week, whatever anniversary sale. An object is discounted by 100% when it stays on the shelf. Just don't bring another distraction in your life. The only reason to buy is when you specifically think about it for a somewhat long time, then using a sale to buy it is mindful. Stop being influenced to buy.
  4. Remember form follows function. Get objects that are useful, not just because they are nice. Per example, changing your phone for a newer one because it looks better isn't a valid reason. Buying waterproof shoes is a good one though.
  5. Creativity over consumption. Fight compulsive and mindless consumption to gain time and energy to create. Possessions weigh us down mentally, physically and emotionally.
  6. Minimize all your life. Having a simple schedule, travel light, create space, free your life without filling it again and again.
  7. Never hoard. No junk drawer, nothing should pile around you, deal with it first. Remember, when you die, all your things will be left behind, thus people around you will have to deal with your shit. Always ask yourself: Do I really need to bring more shit into my life? Instead, substract.
  8. Let go. Recycle, donate, sell. Just don't keep it just in case. Yes, even that 3rd phone charger you will never use. Or that toxic relationship...
  9. Look for purpose, not possession. In the end, I found out that barely nobody cares about you, except you. Nobody cares about what you possess. Instead of chasing the latest tech gizmo, look for the one that fits you while saving you money and time.
  10. Your actions follow your values. Remember what are your core values, what is truly important to you, simplify them and make sure to align your actions accordingly.

Inspired by Ten Commandements of Minimalism by Manuel Moreale and Carl MH Barenbrug.
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