Published on: 2021-07-11

As a follow-up from our planning of 2021, let's review the first 6 months. I changed a few key amounts since we sold our property in mid-April instead of end of Febuary as planned.

Expenses (Actual vs mid-year planned)

Totals are over budgeted, mainly because of the property sale later than expected (+$5,880). If we do not consider it, we are right on the target, even if we spent too much money on food, restaurant and pharmacy. The car expenses and most of the other expenses are low.

Extraordinary expenses (not budgeted)

Incomes (Actual vs yearly projected net)

If you compare the expenses total with the incomes total, the excess is still another $13k. This is potentially another saving chunk currently used as emergency fund or money in transit to savings/investments.

What I bought

What I sold

Clearly, 2021 is another troubled year for us. We sold our property, moved to another city and are planning to move again soon.

July to December

The first two months of the second half will see expenses and incomes to continue as the last 2 months. We are expecting few special payments: a strata refund (around $700), two income adjustments from employer (around $1000) and a payment from Service Canada ($300). All of this will be redirected for investment.

In September, I'll be driving to the East coast, resulting in additional vehicle costs. Also, it is unsure at this point if I will have to take a leave without pay. Another payment from Service Canada ($300) is expected in October.

We will hunt for a new place to live, but without any time pressure since we will roam around few places. Occupancy of the new place is not expected before 2022.

Expected expenses


End note

We want to find a place under $250k if possible, localized in a small city or a village where I could work remotely for a few years. Our monthly expenses to remain low (Under $2500 with everything, mortgage included). Thus, living with a single income is doable without eating our savings.
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