A minimal (3.5 Kb, 37 lines of code) PHP wiki with a simplified Markdown syntax. Based on WikWiki and Slimdown. One file, no database, no tracker, no dependencies.

How to use it? Download current v2021.09 and rename as index.php, change website name $_N (line 5) and password $_P (line 9) using bcrypt-generator and transfer to your server.

New in last version? Minor template adjustment, internal and external images are now supported.

Need help? Contact info at mindwi.se.


Simplified markdown with ten rules easy to remember:

Title: new line with one to six number sign (#)
Emphasis/italic: a (group of) word(s) with one asterisk before and after (*)
Strong/bold: a (group of) word(s) with two asterisk before and after ()
Unordered list: new line with one asterisk and a space (* )
Ordered list: new line with a digit, a dot a space (1. )
Blockquote: new line with a chevron and a space (> )
Internal page link: use [page] (?name) without a space in-between.
External page link: use [page] (URL) without a space in-between.
Internal/external Image: use ![img text] (path or URL) without a space in-between.
Horizontal line/rule: an empty line with three minus sign (---)


While WordPress, Bludit, and others are packed with features and themes, creating your own code to support the bare minimum is a personal challenge. I do appreciate an ultra-minimalist aspect which does not support themes, plugins, comments, social media, or multi-users, etc. It inspires me to learn to settle for less. Motherfucking Website was a great start point.

I believe in a better web, where we don't need an ultrafast connection to load thousand lines of useless codes just for the fun to track user and abuse of their ignorance to push down their throat more physical possessions by emptying their wallet.

It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.
-Antoine de Saint Exupéry


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