WikiMind | edit

A minimal PHP wiki using simplified Markdown syntax. Based on WikWiki + Slimdown. One file, responsive design, password protected. No database, tracker or dependency. 2625 bytes only.

To use it, download v2022.03, change extension to .php and transfer to server. Default password is "admin".

Help? info at

Ten markdown syntax rules

  1. Title: new line with 1 to 6 #
  2. Italic: word(s) with one * before and after
  3. Bold: word(s) with two * before and after
  4. Unordered list: new line with * and a space
  5. Ordered list: new line with a digit, a dot and a space
  6. Quote: new line with > and a space
  7. Link: [ [page] ] or [name] (?page) without space for internal, [page] (URL) without space for external.
  8. Image: ![img text] (path or URL) without space
  9. Horizontal line: new line with ---
  10. Yellow note: new line with !!! and a space

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