WikiMind | mindwi.seedit

A single-file PHP wiki using simple syntax, responsive design, password protection, no database/dependency.

Download, rename to index.php, change password $_P.

Help? info at


  1. Title: new line with 1 to 6 #
  2. Italic: word(s) with one * before and after
  3. Bold: word(s) with two * before and after
  4. Unordered list: new line with * and a space
  5. Ordered list: new line with a digit, a dot and a space
  6. Quote: new line with > and a space
  7. Link: [ [page] ] or [name] (?page) without space for internal, [page] (URL) without space for external.
  8. Image: ![img text] (path or URL) without space
  9. Horizontal line: new line with ---
  10. Note: new line with !!! and a space

You can: