Published on: 2021-01-27

Each morning, lots of us turn on the coffeemaker or stop at the coffee shop to get a morning dose of caffeine. It is quite natural, since it is simple and inked in a routine.

But let see this from another angle.

It assumes the coffee beans are already cultivated, roasted, conveyed to us, ground. It assumes the electricity or natural gas to boil the water is here for us to use.

Now, what if you need to do all steps yourself? Like collecting firewood to boil water. Or roasting the beans. Having the convenience of water on tap, of energy on tap, of coffee ready for us are few examples of the modern world we can benefit to optimize our life... or slow it down to appreciate it even more.

Life is a succession of steps, which we don't always have to do because others did. Having gratitude for the others is a great way to start your day, one cup at a time.

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