Published on: 2021-05-28

I'm stressed out. You can't see it from outside, but inside, I'm eaten alive. At work, as I was listening to a meditation video, I decided to try something simple: a no-coffee weekend.

Two full days without caffeine. Big deal, right? Actually, I can barely go for a full 6 hours between 2 cups of my black juice. I like the taste, the way I brew, the moment to grind the beans and the kick I get out of it. However, it may impact other sides of my personal integrity. My mental is triggered with many solicitors that I can't rest.

I bite my nails.

I'm dermatillomania (skin picking).

I'm afraid of the silence, even though I seek for it all the time.

I struggle to sit still without any thoughts.

I realized my body was stiff most of the time during the day.

Then, I need to relax. A cup of coffee is supposed to relax me, but let's try to see if it actually does the opposite by breaking the habit for 2 full days.

Speaking of experiments, David Cain made quite a few and documented them all.

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