Published on: 2021-07-10

Before the worst happens, I decided to look at my data and how it is currently backed up against a catastrophe.

My minimal setup is:

That's it. Nothing else.

Backed up data

Currently, we have about 65GB to back up.

I have to note that nothing is critical, but photos are obviously highly valuable. My documents consist in ebooks, 7 previous years taxes, this website (also technically backed up online), receipes and few other documents.

First, wife setup

Her MacBook Pro from 2012 has the ability to backup itself on another drive located within in chassis, because the SuperDrive got replaced years ago by another old hard disk drive. Time Machine currently does it daily without any issue.

Then, both the phone and the computer back up in iCloud, considered as a third copy.

No issues here, but if we don't consider iCloud as a backup per se, another backup located outside my home would be a good idea, even if the data isn't copied over daily.

Then, mine

My MacBook Pro doesn't have a second drive and I just realized that I'm fully relying on iCloud to secure my data in case of fire, theft, etc.

So, currently, my data is only in 2 locations, and the second one isn't technically considered a backup.

Well, I need to do better.


Easy solution would be to:

Again, nothing is really critical in my data, but still, automated backups are better than having to rely on my memory to do it weekly, where data can be lost between 2 backups.

I also factor the point that iCloud is fairly reliable, secure and fast for the low amount of data I have.

End note

Sometimes, looking to buy a solution isn't the way to go. Think different and find ways around your problem. Mine was having not enough copies of my data, but way to much unused disk space. Thus, using this wasted space to have more copies of my data is a real solution.

I still need to focus on the digital downsizing to avoid hoarding pictures and whatnot.
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