Published on: 2021-06-17

Some of my recent thoughts are about the fact that if I aim totally toward a financially-independent lifestyle, where work is no longer required, people may percieve me as a slacker, not contributing to our society.

But when you think about how the economies are set up, we try to sell an asset to someone else for more than what you paid for it. Basically, how can I get more from others than I put in? Contributing means taking more than you give. That makes no sense.

Thus, my professional work isn't the only value I can provide to contribute to a society.

Voluntarism is the most obvious form of alternative contribution.

But what about...

I feel like work isn't part of the equation anymore. Except if it fulfills you by helping others to reach their meaningful goals in life (refer to list above). Then we have an infinite loop of positivity.

A great video from Joshua Becker: The Joy of Living Within Your Means

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