Published on: 2021-09-05

On Sept 1st, the plan to move back East reached another milestone. I drove from BC to QC in 5 days. The 6th day was a bike ride of 180 km since I had a friend to drive the car up to the end.

Day 1: Kelowna, BC to Field, BC (5 hrs, 398 km). Slept at Kicking Horse River Crown land

Day 2: Fields, BC to Riverhurst Ferry Crossing, SK (8 hrs 30 min, 780 km). Slept at Riverhurst Ferry Rest Area

Day 3: Riverhurst Ferry Crossing, SK to Whitemouth, MB (9 hrs, 881 km). Slept at Whitemouth Lions Park

Day 4: Whitemouth, MB to Kama Bay Lookout, ON (8 hrs, 736 km). Slept at Kama Bay Lookout

Day 5: Nipigon, ON to Mont-Laurier, QC (13 hrs, 1238 km). Slept at Mont-Laurier RV stop.

Day 6: Biked Mont-Laurier, QC to Ste-Adele, QC (6 hrs 45 min, 176 km calculated, elevation: +633 m / -520 m)

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