Published on: 2021-10-12

You know this guy who runs an eCommerce business from his computer on his lap? Or the other guy who try to pretend he has an important job with a triple-monitor setup? Well, I'm none of that. I'm just a regular Joe trying to code, listen to music/podcasts, write, educate myself, communicate meaningfully, and not much more.

I used to roam on the kitchen counter, on a cheap 3-legged desk, in my bed, etc. Those days are gone now. I just invested in a standing desk! A good old Ikea Skarsta with a Tommaryd tabletop. For less than $300, it is probably the best desk I never had in my life (not so difficult to achieve since I had barely any). Plans are to keep it as-is, no hacks, except to add a cable management at the back to hide the power surge and cables.

On the desk, you will only find a laptop with its USB-C adapter and a 64GB USB drive, a USB-C to lightning cable, a pair of earphones and a simple metal desk lamp. Everything else is stored in the closet.

The tabletop space is huge (at 51" x 27") and empty, exactly how I like it.

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