Published on: 2021-10-14

Our new life on the east coast isn't really going as planned. First, we decided not to purchase any house because of the risky market. Then, we settled far from work (about 50 km away), but close to better outdoor activities, parents and a subsidized day care. It means long driving distances, terrible trafic congestion I now participate in, fewer active commuting (walking or biking), less accessibility to services by foot and an overall so-so happiness.

To be honest, we want to go back around Vancouver sooner or later. We just don't know when. It could be in a year. Or two. But it will probably happen at one point.

Being prisoner of a broken life style implying suburbs, car culture, car dependency, wasted time driving, general isolation from others is far from our ideal. We gave up on the single-family house on a big lot because we strongly think it is against human nature, against common sense of living as a human opposed to living as a consumer.

Anyhow, we will rebounce, adapt and transition to something better. Our main goal is to be happy daily and plan for the future so we don't get stuck in our own jail.

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