Published on 2020-09-20:

Sometimes, we need a purge. A physical one most of the time, because we are running out of space, or because we need a mental break from the clutter. But in my case, I needed a digital purge from all the things and habits we accumulate through time. A digital downsizing.

Watching The Social Dilemma just escalated what I already knew: we need to step back from technology and its oppulence to achieve a better mental health.

Looking back at the archives of my blog, I can see that already in 2012, I was concerned about losing control of the content I see. Around the same time, I was against the anormality when you are not part of social medias. And more recently, I was asking a long question about why those platforms became so popular.

To get more information and tools on how to keep your digital life private, PrivacyTools is a great place to start.
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