Published on: 2020-10-09

Following my trend from last month and since I'm transitioning to a new computer since a few days, I realized that my music library, at 37.43 GB, was quite heavy. With a total of 4263 songs, I started to clean it up on two aspects.

Reduce bit rate

I spent hours to recompress files to a maximum of 192 kbps instead of up to 320 kbps. Using MediaHuman Audio Converter, I was able to bring the total space required down to 27.87 GB.

192 kbps was selected as a default bit rate for the main reason I don't own a powerful, high-quality audio system. I mostly listen to music using mid-range earphones and I strongly believe it is above what I can perceive as audio quality.

Delete songs

After few more hours to listen to old stuff that I wasn't sure to keep or discard. I was able to delete 131 songs, bringing the total down to 4132. The space required went down to 26.76 GB.

In total, close to 11 GB of disk space was saved, not only on the Mac, but also on the iPhone, which contains the entire library.

As a second thought, doing the opposite order, deleting songs first, then recompressing the remaining files would have been a better idea.

Next step?

The next step will be to sort, compress and classify the 1783 pictures and 150 videos.

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