Published on: 2021-03-11

This ideology is now part of my life and my daily routine. Thus, I am continuing my trend to simplify my digital life. In fact, it all started a year and a half ago. And since I am moving probably twice this year, I want to streamline as much as I can everything related to accounts and data.

So far, here is what I done:

And what I'm planning to do:

Digitally overweight

Since the end of last year, I have this way-to-fancy setup. I decided to go with the entry-level with a 256 GiB SSD. Simply because I don't hoard files. But I then realized how most of the applications are overweight, morbidly overweight.

Per example, Cyberduck, a simple FTP/cloud client, is 236 MiB. I replaced it with Forklift 2 which is even simpler, because the file size is 10MB and it can do everything I need.

Signal, a privacy-first messaging system (and multi-platform) is a whopping 363 MiB. Obviously, I can't replace this one with something else since it is a closed designed to be secured.

Another example is Firefox, weighting a massive 378 MiB. I'm pretty sure at one point, Windows 98 at one point, a full OS, was around the same size. Now, Windows 10 is around 25 GiB. Yes, progress, I can understand, but 60x the size?

I am starting to think world is built on a pile of trash, physically and digitally.

Apps I use frequently

And less frequently

What to improve after?

Screen time reduction is always in my mind. I recently setup my iPhone to use Ant, a widget for iPhone to mimic a Light Phone. You select the main apps to display in a list and here you go, you have a simple, clutter-free app launcher that not only reduce temptation, but doesn't have any notification or badges. It is not perfect as it relies on an app to launch another app (quite stupid in fact), but at least, when I unlock the smartphone now, all I see is 4 words: Maps, Messages, Notes, Phone.

To use something else, I have to swipe to the right to see all the apps. My actions need to be mindful now. Let's hope I can see a greater reduction in screen time with this little app.

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