Published on: 2021-09-13

Contentment is part of my long-term values. Inspired by this article, I wanted to create my own don't want list.

Here is a list of stupid expenses I want not to be part of my life at any point:

Thinking about it, it feels highly connected to emptyness. And at the same time, it is like decluttering before decluttering is required. By avoiding stuff to reach me in the first place, not only I save money, but I save time of my life to manage and get rid of them.

Update on me

Having temporary moved in my parents' place at the beginning of the month, we have now aligned a rented 3-bed condo no-so-close-to-work, but in perfect harmony with our wants to live freely around nature on the long term.

We also temporary put an hold on the house project since the market is awkward and nothing really interest us. Funds are staying invested. Our new monthly expenses are estimated as below.

Total is now around $3000/month on minimum incomes of $4100 (up to $7000). We expect her to return to work for 4 months before another leave. In 2022, we want to save at least 40% of our net incomes. To be able to do that, we will obviously look at our don't want list and focus on what is really important in life.
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