Published: 2021-08-20

Because I like a clear view on my life, I tend to keep everything in order, as simple as it could get. Email inbox is empty after each day. Clothes are back in the same drawer. Keys, wallet, earphones are all in the top pocket of my backpack. Every thing I don't use is sold. Receipts are digitized. Water bottle is filled and refrigerated, ready to use.

Opportunities are most of the time turned down, rather preferring to focus and go deeper by enjoying emptyness around my main priority.

It is not because I can do something that I have to do it. If I have enough savings to buy a yatch, why would I? All endeavours in life are not to be fulfilled. To those whom say "Leave no stone unturned", I would suggest the exact opposite: Keep some (if not most) stones unturned.

Emptyness is what is missing in this world.

Humans try to fill all the void for no reason, except boredom and meaninglessness.

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