Published on: 2021-02-05

Even though I haven't published it yet, there is an upcoming post about the blank page dilemma that you can read right now. And today, it seems like I want to fill out a full page of my thoughts. Because I got some shit aligned for my life to reset.

First, we are one step closer to complete the sale of our place. That is the only thing that really matter right now. We don't need to perfectly align jobs. All we want is to get rid of it so we can proceed on our project to move back East, in a lower cost of living.

Between now and next month, we will vacate our place, sold or not, to temporary relocate for work. It is going to be a 6-month assignment, housing fully paid, where my wife won't have to work, instead focusing on her and our son. Last months were crazies as hell, trying to balance personal life with work at home and the daycare we are running. Indeed, our son doesn't go to daycare, so he is with us full time, no matter if we work or not.

Anyhow, we hope to clear our head with the sale of our property soon. This will be a big one. And then, we will be able to think about the future.

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