Published on: 2020-10-04

where: office

when: sept 15 early pm

why: fake life

How come we now have a culture of showing off everything? Why on earth do we need to take pictures every time we do something for ourselves and share it to the planet?

Why do we need a smartwatch to track our steps?

Why do we need an app to track our bike rides?

Why do we need social medias to extend ourselves?

Why do we need likes from anybody and strangers to validate our own life?

I have no Facebook account, no twitter account, no whatever newish/identical-to-the-previous-platform account, but can be reached only by text message or by a good-old phone call. Most of the time, people probably think that I'm a lazy ass, doing nothing interesting. Instead, they specifically want to let me know what others did, according to their pictures and posts on previously mentionned social medias. As if I really care.

And guess what, all the content generated by your smartwatches, smartphone apps, cameras and other industrialized POS won't even be remotely close to anybody sight in a fraction of a second, drowned in a sea of social junk, between cat memes and political fake news related right-wing articles.

I strongly believe that went you care about everything, you end up caring about nothing. Thus, people scrolling infinitely to find out other people's life are wasting precious energy and time to feed a socialcolic problem.

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