Published on: 2021-02-11

where: LSCR, Jack’s Burn stop

when: feb 5th, 2021

why: blood free-flowing in a human body

Mid-bike ride stops are the best. Not only when a coffee reward with friends is involved, but for other occasions when the high influx of blood that goes through your brain, your muscles, allowing your mind to be fully alive for a moment. Because, no, my regular state doesn’t allow me to be fully aware of my senses and thoughts.

Right now, I can probably write for a long time without running out of ideas.

In the middle of Lower Seymour Conservative Reserve in the beautiful North Vancouver area, I stopped to breathe and to write those few lines. Looking around, I’m surrounded by trees, a thick fog that covers the mountain peaks. Not much snow to see, even in February, when normally, I have difficulty to find a cleared path to ride my road bike. It is wet though. The grass is mushy, clogging my cleats, my mind is happy, fulfulling my dreams.

No cell coverage, the only thing I can do with my phone is to liberate mysef of my thoughts. As it should be. The notes app is my best ally to archive those ephemeral thoughts before they disappear forever. Life goes by way too quick, the fast-paced society is grinding me to the point I have difficulty to rest and to think.

I’m about to hit reset on my life, once again, and I’m not sure if I will like what is waiting for me on the other side of the country. One thing I know for sure is that I will make choices carefully. The house as yet to be determined, I know for sure that it will be right-sized that time. To fully be alive with my family and few things I want to focus on.

Even if this writing goes in all directions, I am satisfied with the result. It will help me decide of my future, I do read back my posts from time to time to recenter my thinking on what really matters.

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