Published on: 2021-02-18

when: Feb 16th, 2021

where: Cleveland Dam, North Vancouver

why: choices define us

Instead of this short-bursted bike ride, I could have made a different activity to levitate my need to explore the outdoor and enjoy myself. Like hiking that peak over there (Two Lions, or as the indigenous people call them, Twin Sisters), or kayaking the inlet at the bottom of this magnificent land that is what we renamed Vancouver over the ancestral Salish territory.

Civilization has made way too many bad choices in the past, trying to suffocate previous foragers, like they were not human beings. And for that, I am ashamed to be alive, part of this madness that is the modern society. The world I know was built on stolen lands and slaved people to be what is now considered civilized. How can destroying history, lying about it, abusing our people and the environment and so much more be acceptable?

We can be grateful for some advancements, but we could have gone without way too many of them. What each of us needs is a good shelter, great food, balanced life for pleasure and a crime-free, equality-based life environment. I think we have none of those right now, and it will probably never happen. Greed makes this society unbalanced, where they want us to fight over more money, more prestige, more house, more everything, on the expense of others.

Even if I refuse it, I’m guilty by association and because we have few choices. Let’s start by resetting my life over more basic stuff, not just minimized possessions, but toward more human being centered values. Help your neighbour, be grateful for what you have, not what you want.

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