Publised on: 2021-05-13

where: on a bike path in Kelowna

when: may 1st, 2021

why: demonstration

Biking through a medium-sized city on this May 1st has something I was not expecting. A demonstration against sanitary restrictions. Not expected because I really don’t follow news as I used to, specially anything related to subjective articles on the pandemic. The least thing I need in an uncertain time is to get prefabricated ideas from one side or another to create ephemeral emotions.

Anyhow, I was biking and saw this large crowd, quite pacifist in fact. I really have no opinion on their revendications, I rather tend to look at the big picture and find healthful that we do not all agree on things in life. We need different opinions, with arguments, to build a better world. The only issue I have is, as always, social media distortion of the facts that affect greatly both sides of the opinion spectrum.

In a turmoiled world like we have right now, my only hope is reconciliation as human beings, where we lesve behind our differences and aim toward the same ideal, so evry single one can have dignity and respect.

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