Published on: 2021-05-17

where: top of Knox Mountain

when: may 12, 2021 7:00AM

why: silence

Do you sometimes feel silence is impossible to find? Is it an extinct resource? I personally feel we should claim it back. How?

Me sitting at the top of this mountain, right now all I can hear is bird chipping and a distant road noise. dB is super low, way lower than what we are used to in out daily life. Because let’s face it, when we do our routine at home, or commute to work, or work endlessly, our ears are filled all the time. And you know what, even when they aren’t, we find a way to generate noise. We listen to podcasts or music, watch Netflix or video, etc.

The only solution to be in silence in a distinct moment of no noise is to open a book.

Reasons we watch, listen to the noise is to get busy. But our ears don’t have to be sollicitated, we can truly be in silence and live a more meaningful life, exempt of noise pollution.

Back to my bike ride, I pulled the phone from my back pocket to type those lines, in silence. And it truly feels great.

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