Published on: 2021-06-22

where: Rutland Centennial Park

when: vaccine day

why: the destination

We learn early in our life that competition is king. Soccer tournament, hockey leagues, car racing, academic success above others, hedonic threadmill, to have more than your neighbours, etc.

But as I am pedaling toward work today, the day I’ll get the vaccine against what we know as COVID, I realize that it’s pointless to compete. Sure, Pfizer might say otherwise since they won the race to be the major supplier, but we will arrive at destination no matter what. And winning is not the real reward. Being satisfied of our journey in your daily routine is so much better. I can have a better bike, a more aerodynamic helmet, a lighter wheelset, and what else. Truth is I don’t care to compete. All I want is no regrets.

When I pedal to work, I see people driving everywhere in life to race to the next thing, litterally. Race to the coffee shop, race to work, race to impress the boss, race to get groceries, race to get kids from daycare, race from not enjoying evry single minute with their family, race to death.

My personal advise to myself is to race backward, against current to arrive at destination fulfilled, not emptied.

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