Published on: 2021-09-28

When is the last time you heard someone saying "I need x" or you personally said "I need y"? Have you stopped and thought for a second how weird it sounds?

Thing is, you don't need shit. You want shit.

I need a new car.

Well, technically, most of the time, you don't need a new car, you want it. To go to work, to fit your lifestyle, to go from your house to your too far-off points of interest. If you already have one, I tend to judge your claim because running the same car longer is financially wiser and it has the ability to lean your life about savings instead of endless debts, renewal, upgrade, etc.

Personally, I changed my car at the beginning of this year because it was 17 freaking years old and I was moving in a cold city, hostile to old diesel engine. And still, spending $15k on this new car feels wrong. Good thing it is our only one and it is quite economical.

I need a new job.

Again, you don't need one, you want it because you're probably tired as shit of the current one. Thing is, you should look for a better job in different terms. Stop chasing happiness, money. Start to look for a better balance in life where money is no longer the justification of going out of bed each morning.

That's me right now. I'm not tired of my job, but it doesn't fit my lifestyle since it requires long commute.

I need this new TV.

No you don't. Curved, 3D, whatever 4k high-res is just marketing BS and you are being fooled to think you can't live without that.

Simple solution

  1. Can you go without? (I know, it is taboo in our society.)
  2. Do you really need that? If yes, let it sink in your virtual shopping cart for a day/week/month or two.
  3. Do you still need it? If yes, find it second hand.
  4. You win and save money.

Anyhow, stop buying shit you don't need.

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