Published on: 2021-07-13

I am interested in Stoicism without knowing, up to today, that it has an aspect on the art of journaling.

mindwi.se is a vide poche for my brain. A small bowl to keep in a convenient location my ideas and memories to go back to them whenever I feel the need.

Vide poche
French for empty pockets, the vide poche is simply a small bowl or container kept in a convenient location to empty your pockets into when you walk through the door. Having somewhere to put your keys, loose change and wallet when you take off your coat helps minimize clutter and reduces the chance that you will be scrambling around looking for your keys next time you are late running out the door.

With this web site, I journalize my ideas, write about anything I want, categorize stuff in my head by laying it on a screen, read back from time to time to notice the path I traveled.


How I proceed

I have no rules. No minimum entry length, no maximum neither, no elaborated structure, no restrictions. I go with the flow of my day. I usually write at the end of the day, but I also have a few entries during my day at work.

I type the date and start to write. That's it.

The whole purpose of mindwi.se is to do it for my future self and nobody else. Awesome if it can be useful for somebody else too.

Reference: DailyStoic - The Art of Journaling and Derek Sivers - Daily journaling

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