Published on: 2021-03-31

A documentary about life out of balance? From the eighties? Koyaanisqatsi is an extensive footage of natural landscapes and human creations. Never heard of it. Still, comments mention is it a masterpiece on its own.

To watch Koyaanisqatsi: Vimeo

Some will see it as a drab collection of images with lack of interest, but in the deep of us, I hope that every single one of us can see beyond images, to see the corelation of our actions and the world changing. It is about our loss connection with our basic needs and the nature. We are now facing nature deprivation because of living in cities, with technologies everywhere and with no meaning of our actions in everything we do.

Looking at me, I'm hitting the big reset button soon in my life to avoid being in the rat race in a high cost of living area to move in a lower one, still closer to nature, where work won't be the only justification of my existence, but only a mean to fulfill my desire to live freely, not behind a desk. I'm sick and tired of this bullshit world where you are successful only if you make more money than your colleague, your neighbour, your friends and where possessions are the ultimate rewards.

All I want is access to nature, food, shelter and time. Time to commit to my child and make sure he learns life the right way.

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