Published on: 2021-03-22

In five years, a lot can come and go. Especially when you set your mind to be simple, minimalism and focused. So, what happened in those last 5 years on the west coast?

I discovered to lower my needs. Luxury items are more and more expensive, but I have no need for them anymore. Wanting less always equals owning less.

I now want more time, less money. The true currency in life is your time, nothing else.

Family comes first, job title doesn’t mean anything. As David Graeber told us 8 years ago, chances are your job is bullshit anyway. I realized that what I do daily at work doesn’t reflect in real impact in our world, it just keeps me busy, so I don’t protest/complain.

Cars (and everything else) should be tools, not social status. If you shine your car each week because you like it clean, you probably use it was a symbol. If you can’t drive it down a logging road without a second thought, it’s not a tool and it restricts you. Plus you probably spend way too mich money on the thing. Or a house, or a smartphone, or expensive sport gear or clothing.

Living in a high cost of living area is doable with dual incomes above the average, but it is not austainable on the long term and it forces you to slave yourself to work and a broken money system.

Taking time to read, in a world surrounded by ads and screens, is priceless. Libraries are your best friend too.

Most of people are brainless anyway. They act the way they do because somebody else told them to, not because they thought themselves. I learned to be mindful in my actions, so they reflect my core values. I keep thinking about the article by David Cain titled You lifestyle as been designed.

More specifically with minimalism

  1. You can declutter all you want, but if you're still bringing in stuff constantly it won't make a difference. With a one in/one out rule, every new item you bring in, you must declutter an item already in your home.
  2. It is not an identity, but a philosophy against consumerism, overconsumption, etc.
  3. It is a slow process. It took many attempts and edits of my belongings to get to the point I am right now. Mistakes happen all the time, still.
  4. I learned to ignore people's judgment on my vision since anything going against the normality is abnormal.
  5. There is no defined end goal or reward, the path traveled is part of the experience.
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