Published on: 2020-10-23

Next Monday, I am starting a new position at work that will probably require more time sensitive tasks. To be able to avoid being stressed out by my job and to bring more anxiety at home, I decided to integrate 3 minutes of break time each working hour of my day.

To stretch out, to walk around, to stop thinking, but mostly to meditate.

A 2-minute meditation seems to be a simple, no-requirement solution to recoup, refocus and let go of negativity. That way, I'll create the habit to meditate on a regular basis.

As a guideline, I'll use a key sentence while breathing.

I inhale, and I know I inhale.
I exhale, and I know I exhale.

Meditation is easy, but so much complicated because of distractions, thoughts and social pressure. My goal is to inject long-lasting benefits in my life to be able to aim toward where I want to be, spiritually, physically.

I want to take time to sit still and breathe. Just make it happen.

A great resource to start meditation: How to Meditate - Mindful
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