Published on: 2021-08-10

Any way you look at, you are surrounded by news, facts, opinions, videos, streams, feeds, influences, pollution, useless noise. World is a mess.

Open a news website and don't read anything, just overview the website as a whole. It's a mess of pictures to grab your attention, big-letter titles to have you click on them, small text descriptions to force you to dig wider and abuse your time. On the very low level of necessity, this is all bullshit. If news were really down to the point of the essential only, it would be somewhat close to Legible News. You don't need to know trivial news, hell most of the news, because it doesn't change a dime in your life, except the fact that you won't waste your time anymore. Internet is just fast food for your brain, look for alternatives.

To see clearly in life, I decided to let go of messy stuff on Internet, the one that tries hard to get your attention and doesn't learn your to think better and replace it with meaningful experiences.

Here is a list of down to earth creations:

A person of good intention looks to change the world. A person of good character looks within.
Getting rid of your ego is the biggest ego trip.

Yes, Alan Watts is my new favorite philosopher.

Reducing the mess

To purposely filter out the mess from your viewpoint, you can use a website blocker extension on your browser. Block Site is an ultra minimal browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge. For Safari, you can use Screen Time which is part of macOS since Catalina.
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