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Here is a pale duplicate of a perfect book called You Have Too Much Shit, humoristically copied to reflect mindlessness.




Marcus Aurelius famously said “Do every act of your life as though it were the very last act of your life.”

Well, being mindless is pretty much the exact opposite.


I’m going to make an assumption that, because you’re reading this, you live in the Western world. As such, it’s more than likely that you act mindlessly. I think that is bad for you but also for me, and everyone else on the planet.

This is a short book. Most self-help books like this would gently attempt to enlighten you towards a less brain-dead existence; promising not to judge you and show you a better, less dumb way of life. Well, fuck that. I’m going to judge you. Your life is fucking mindless. Let’s go.


Shop for a car based on what others will think; scroll infinitely all feeds so you try to reach the end and know everything; buy the latest gadget thinking it will solve all your problems; move into a bigger house thinking it will solve all your problems; frenziedly like all your friend postings to get more recognition from them; don't say what's on your mind about most wrong things in life; try to follow trends and cults by wanting an EV car and retiring early; hold onto your consumerism because it makes you feel good when you think you're sad; hold onto your TV series because it makes you feel sad when you think you're happy; run after a job promotion because you need more money to pay for your second home; travel aboard to live like them and know their culture (from your gated 5-star penthouse); watching the news on your wall-mounted TV so you know what's going on in the world; get in your SUV to go to Costco to buy a freaking book about Simple Living; think that you can solve all problems with throwing money at them; send your kids to a private school and drop them off/pick them up each day using your solo car, meters away from the front door; blindly drinking alcohol because that is what you should do to be fun; eat at expensive restaurants so you can be distinguished from the mass, while being right in it; pretty much anything that is the result of a non-reflection of your own mind...

And so on.


Being mindless is a problem when you have too much time, thanks to modern society that wants to pacify you with pointless rewards. This is not a desirable condition. For a second, imagine adding up all the time spent in front of your stupid phone to consume an endless sea of garbage content to entertain you only for 2 minutes while I take a dump. If something wastes your time, get rid of it, no matter how much you can learn somebody else's life from it. When you are being mindful, you create empty space in your head and you stop filling it with stupidity – and space is an increasingly valuable thing in this increasingly cluttered world. It is seriously possible to enjoy not knowing something. Try it. Because, let's face it: time is all you've got.

When you are less stressed-the-shit-out-from-you about everything in life, you can spend time with the real people around you and take your time to actually know what you want to do with your life. Sometimes that leaves you staring into an abyss.

Being mindless isn't going to help, it will simply expedite your death.


We spend our days to compare to others by scrolling their walls, by getting better things than them, by going to nicer places, nicer restaurants, nicer parties. All this in search of some impossible life where you have everything that you want and everything that others can't have.

Much of the fuel for this comes from technological corporations. They control the platforms where mindlessness is being sold to advertisers and being the end result of a fantasy self. The former being the consumerism part and the latter being lying to yourself. Advertisers convince you that you are unhappy and you convince yourself that you are "a well-conditioned, programmed consumer, rationalist individual and I've been raised to believe it's all about me and I can grow up to be a national president and I deserve best life, big house, nice car".

Instead, try the joy of missing out.


Documentarists of the future will find themselves investigating about a hoard of savages that keep looking at glowing screens to talk to people they don't know, to buy shit they don't need, to think they think by themselves, to convince themselves they are satisfied in life and will be wondering: “who the fuck were these idiots?”

The amount of information that goes through your eyeballs is insane. It's overwhelming to think about the energy required to manufacture, distribute and consume all this crap on a daily basis. Your time is actually finite on this planet. Make it worth better than just shovelling stuff down your skull.

Given this, it’s easy to feel little or no hope for the future of mankind. That’s normal. It’s probably the correct response. But begin to think about the ways you can improve your own personal impact on the earth, and it becomes easier to imagine that others might too.

Think about the number of people around that are totally glued to their phone. Are they getting much value out of this at this very moment? Probably not. What if there is another way? A way of slow living instead of being part of a race where we all lose.

Now, I'm the first to admit being pessimist to hold back the technological changes that occurred and continue to occur. You can try to convince your mom not to shitpost on Facebook all day without stopping the flow of waste in the grand scheme of things. But when all those idiots will realize that they gain nothing, you'll have a head start of years on them.


Don't get me wrong. I'm not proposing to go off-the-grid and disconnect totally from others. Instead, to be mindful is to reconsider everything. To find real value in things, it’s helpful to discover a deep appreciation of the things you use every day.

Each day should be composed of things that you love the most, so they're the things truly worth investing your time in. Have strong values, reasonable goals, meaningful social connections. Have time to dedicate to your child. Invest in your hobbies. Whatever you truly want to achieve, have time to fully come into bloom.

Each day, time is easily wasted, making sure to recenter it towards ourself is what genuinely matters.

Not all our projects can be judged by their results: unfinished or abandoned ones, imperfect or unexpected ones... It's harder to objectively understand the journey we went through life when we forget the failures and only focus on the positive. We associate failure with wasted time, but it is not. We use them to expand our vision and open up our possibilities as a human being.

In ten years, will you be proud of knowing the life of pure Internet strangers from A to Z? Was it really worth it? Or is it just a pacifier for your inability to find your true self?

Don't feel bad about quitting bad habits, even if you somewhat think it provides you benefits. The grief won't last. Putting your phone down, people will forgive you. Of all the times that you tried a No Internet day, how many times have you really come to regret it?


Hopefully, you're still reading and you learned that you don't need much to appreciate living and to think by yourself. There are a number of ways to help you being mindful. Here they are.
  1. Turn off the phone. Airplane mode, Power off, lock box, disable all notifications, deinstall apps, close your accounts, sell the damn smartphone.
  2. Surround yourself with better people. If you think people around you are superficial, don't try to change them. Change them.
  3. Go read real, physical books. Libraries are free, go use them to cultivate yourself in a slow mode. There are no ads and no trackers in books.
  4. Stop wasting your money. Don't try to find an online course called Being mindful in 10 easy steps TODAY, it will not be a solution, but another problem. Think by yourself.
  5. Stop wasting your time to pursue shitty goals. Don't do things because somebody else told you to do it, think by yourself.
  6. And lastly, if you get anything from reading this, please put into practice the following in every day of your life from this point onwards until you die: DON'T BE MINDLESS.


Thank you for reading this book. I hope you didn’t think it was mindless.

If you did, please refer to the previous section.

Written by no one.

Totally inspired by youhavetoomuchshit.com


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