Published on: 2020-12-09

Less than 2 months after new computer soon, here is new computer again! I decided to sell my like-new MacBook Air Intel 2020 to replace it with a really new MacBook Air M1.

It is still the entry-level Mac, but this time with a Apple M1 chip, which is quite awesome, in perfect alignment with all the reviews.

Then, my main computer is now the MacBook Air M1:

Compared to the previous short-lived MacBook Air, it is a massive upgrade. I had to spend an extra $200 (the price of included AirPods that were sold when purchasing the first one, the second one didn't include this promo.)

Same questions as my previous articles:

Why an entry-level Mac?

Because M1. Seriously, this chip is not a step forward, it is like flying away from any other processor. I don't see myself overburding the laptop. It is running fast, silent and almost freezing.

Why upgrading?

From the MacBook Air 2020, it is day and night. The Intel i3 was OK for my needs TODAY, but what about in 2 or 3 years down the road? Even if we can forecast a Apple M1X or a M2 with even faster performances, the original M1 will remain above all current Intel Macs if I ever want to resell it.
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