Published on: 2020-09-29

Early yesterday, I decided to order a brand-new computer. Something I haven't done in 15 years. Instead, I bought several used laptops, ranging from Chromebook to Polycarbonate MacBook, not forgetting 2 Unibody MacBook Pro.

My setup since 5 years is a MacBook Pro mid-2012 with the following specs:

Then, I'm adding an entry-level MacBook Air 2020:

Why an entry-level Mac?

Yeah, why a low i3? Because my usage is strictly with basic softwares which don't require a power house. I code using old school methods, listen to music, use Transmission, browse the web, read, edit pictures using Pixelmator and not so much else. My current MBP is powerful enough, no slow down at all.

I could have selected the Core i5, but the extra $150 asked doesn't make sense to me. Plus, according to some reviews, th i3 gets better thermal control (less prone to overheating) and somewhat better battery life.

Why upgrading?

My MacBook Pro is 8 years old now. Even if still running strong, it will no longer support the next macOS (Big Sur) and I'm still unsure if I really want to sell it. I might just keep it for now since it probably worth about $400 at this point.

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