Publié le: 2020-09-13

Dans ma quête à davantage de créativité, j'ai entrepris de trouver des moments pendant lesquels j'allais écrire à l'ancienne, soit dans un carnet de notes (à la Field Notes par exemple) et de les publier en tant qu'une série de publications nommées notes de terrain. L'un de ces moments initaux a été lors d'une balade à vélo tard le soir, près de la plage de West Vancouver.

Aussi, j'ai remarqué que mon esprit d'écriture semble mieux fonctionner dans la langue de Shakespeare.

People are looking to shave 5 min from their commute by speeding, cutting short in side streets, but still, they waste hours each day to learn useless stuff about unknown people on social media.

Biking at night is a relief for the soul. Minimal sound, way less cars, darkness hides everbody under the same blanket of mystery. It’s like a new world where you can breathe, without judgement, without fear of the actual society norms on how you should look, how you should act, how you should look successful.

Late at night, only me and my bike, I feel alive. Like I want way less in life, just the bare minimum: small place to live, a good cheap bike, healthy food and a family. And you know what, I’m real close to it. My job is also very flexible, with good benefits. Why am I complaining? I’m not even sure anymore. I’m right at a great life, no fear financially and quite healthy. I should let go of even more stuff and concepts to simplify my life to the point I can focus on what’s really important.

More specifically, I want to let go of consumerism, anxiety about what others think of me, exit the rat race for good.

I need to get out late at night, rain or shine, daily. For my mind, for my field notes, for my lungs to get fresh air, for fresh ideas and a big chuck on gratitude.

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