Published on: 2021-05-11

As I was listening to the podcast episode Finding Meaning (from The Minimalists), the interview with Jamie Wheal really resounded on me. The discussion turned on individualism, the fact that human is a prediction engine, to avoid pain, to seek pleasure, self-centered, selfish, nihilist.

Then, the book The Attention Merchants (by Tim Wu) comes in play when they discussed about hedonic treadmill.

The fact that all the ideas like "thoughts become things" or "I shape my reality" is you get the unholy marriage of Eastern Vedanta [...] we change our mind and the reality changes [...] coupled with "I'm a well-conditioned, programmed consumer, rationalist individual and I've been raised to believe it's all about me and I can grow up to be a national president and I deserve best life, big house, nice car" [...] and you merge those two and you end up with that toxic stew of bourgeois narcissism.
-Jamie Wheal

This is probably the best summary of today's look-at-me-at-all-cost social mentality. And all that for what? Just for the fact that we want to show our superiority on others.

Each day, I try to be modest, respectful to others and make decisions based on rationality instead of emotions. Only essentials should remain.
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