Published on: 2021-02-03

Ultralight in a short book by Leo Babauta about his vision on how to travel and live light. It was published in 2016.

Since traveling isn't super trendy right now, I'm reading the book purely on living light as it can be applied daily.

Here are my notes.





Dealing with the urge to buy

Then, basically, when you have to deal with urges to purchase stuff:
  1. Notice it. When you visit a merchant website per example.
  2. Sit with it. See how it feels by taking the time for the urge to build up in you. Don't act, just watch the energy in your body.
  3. See the story. Try to note the reasons we told ourselves on why we need to buy. I will be more active if I buy this new bike per example. Many times, we can realize it is not real, but just a dream life.
  4. Appreciate the present. Feel your 5 senses to notice the moment in front of you. Have gratitude.
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