Published on: 2021-07-28

My conclusion to life is this: everything is a matter of perspectives.

If you can't stand your wife anymore, you have different perspectives.

If you don't understand other people's behaviour, you have different perspectives.

If your president want to bomb another country to secure resource supply chain, you have different perspectives.


I'm not saying you or your wife, your neighbours or your president is right or wrong. All I'm saying is the source of conflicts is always based on the fact that both of your eyes transmit different stimulus and information to process to your brain, resulting in a different perspective on life itself.

Religion, technology, finances, family, sexuality, politics, economics, war, meaning of life, human interference with nature, climate changes, capitalism, community-driven neighbourhood, simple living, car-oriented and designed cities, pipelines getting built, GMO food, social media bias, indigenous peoples accross the history, the holocaust, the Olympics, vaccine, coup d'√Čtat, social equity, generational equity, aborption, and so on.

My opinion is just one amongst others. What can distinct yours is your tolerance toward other opinions. Don't surround yourself by like-minded people, find open-minded people to expand your views.

Comments on the web

A discussion where everybody talks, but no one listens is actually a waste of energy and a total non-sense. Comments on the web are exactly that.

I don't read comments on Internet for that reason. It is profoundly sad to read. Instead of roping in and arguing against other opinions, I let it slide toward the emptyness of the pointless website it is posted on. If a website is serious enough, no comment are allowed. No greater output is generated because of those.

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