Published on: 2021-01-05

After reviewing 2020, here is the planning for the following year.

Even if everything is to be set regarding the sale of our place and job transfers, we hope to be able to move early in the year. It will impact the budget, so let's assume March 1st. If the category is split in two, it denotes the previous location and the new one.

Planned expenses

Projected net incomes

The gap between spendings and incomes is not a bug, it's a feature. I tend not to budget to tight because it does not serve the beneficiaries well in my opinion. Incomes can fluctuate, so can the spendings. Any leftovers will be turned in savings, no second though.

This budget will allow us to save a minimum of 18% of net incomes, plus the equity on the mortgage ($12 000), bringing the total saving rate at 33%. In the perspective of a downsizing year, it is excellent.

Few notes

Here are couple details on what will happen this year, so I don't forget.

On another note

Life is not only about money. Don't take this planning as the meaning of our life. We do aspire at creative work, spiritual experiences, etc. I just personally want our wallet to be aligned with our values and not to be a drag for our future. At the same time, I do not want to pursuit the American Dream of the always more money, always more stuff. Thus, I don't care about having a promotion to get a better income. All I want is to make good decisions with my money.

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