Published on: 2021-01-31

Many times in previous years, I tried to come back into gaming, but every time, it failed. For many reasons, but mostly because I was forcing myself to play games I don't really enjoy.

Now, I decided to focus exclusively on 2D games from the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. Handhelds had always been my favorites to spend time on, including the Nintendo DS. Since I cannot emulate correctly the DS, I left it behind for now.

As a controller, I am using a 8bitdo Lite (about $30) which is super great for 2D games. The 18-hr battery does charge over USB-C, which is awesome because it can use the MacBook charger. One less cable to worry about.

Here are the current games on my list.

Game Boy and Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance

A great website for resources about retrogaming is Racketboy.
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