Published on: 2021-01-01

Similar as last year (in French), here is a review of spendings from 2020. I used You Need A Budget to maintain data accurate.

Total spendings

Total spendings of $63 441 without the savings.

On incomes of $92 093, savings then equal 25%, on which we need to add 26% from the equity built on the mortgage ($24 000 estimated, inflated with the reduction on prime rate). Thus, the total saving rate is 51%.

Compared to 2019

When comparing with last year's review, we were able to reduce:

But, we spent more money on:

Then, we basically saved $70/month, even though many increases were out of our control. If we don't count the extra payment on the mortgage, it is $173/month in reduction. Imagine if we were able to cut our crazy spendings on food.

Also, savings were reduced, but mostly because we haven't invested all the funds in 2020, preferring to have a security fund since we had a leave without pay.

See Planning 2021.

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