Published on: 2021-06-30

They are everywhere. Points, dollars, stars, loyalty benefits, etc. Many names for the same thing: they want you back and they want you to spend more.

For-profit corporations well know the customer's behaviour. The endless wants associated with their consumerism mentality. And they will be back in their business, loyal to spend even more.

The hotel points

As I stayed in a hotel for many months last year and in March, points have accumulated quickly with promotions and high level status at the same hotel chain. I had enough for around $400 to spend on luxury items.

As you might know me, I'm no luxury. It would have been possible to get an Apple Watch Series 3 and a few other electronic gizmos. But for what exactly? Why would I waste the collected points in ephemeral objects that I don't even want in the first place? Without those points, I had no intention to buy any of the stuff, so why now?

To counter this meaningless act of consumerism, I wrapped my head about what to do with the $400. Buying gift cards was the only possible solution. Thus, I got $350 of gas station card, $25 for Apple and a mere $5 at a coffee shop.

Credit card rewards

The same can apply for your plastic friend in your wallet. I tend to use cash back cards only because they don't tie you to luxuries like flights or goods that you don't really need.

My current wallet contains 2 credit cards: one MasterCard and one Amex.

The real issue with credit cards is to invent money in your head and it leads to useless expenses. I'm no better than anybody else, I can spend on stupid stuff too, but I tend to focus on my percentage of savings/investments, then the reductions on spendings are a side effects that compounds with time.


Try not to get fool by luxury, use rewards as a way to reduce your expenses. Then, you won'tt get trapped in more hedonic treadmill.

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