Published on: 2021-09-23

Society wants me to believe I need my entire life to retire, then start to live freely. I never chose to live in this stupid dream, nor I chose to chase it endlessly. Happiness isn't a destination, it is my daily adventure in life, totally unrelated to wealth, possessions, job title, social media followers. I want to pass along my child(ren) honest values, not ones that are linked to consumerism, workaholism, luxuries and convenience.

I want to do a job that I will enjoy, not a job I am forced to do for benefits and retire when I’m worn out. Trying to be richer than the guy next door isn't a goal I want to achieve. It's a consequence of a broken system, where each of us competes again another, where we all loose our humanism and we just want money for the sake of making money and buying shit we don't need.

We are money rich, but brain poor.

My human will is to live like a leaver, not a taker.

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