Published: 2021-08-19

Unlike your smartphone that sometimes roams between networks when you're close to artificial boundaries, I want to explore my current behaviours towards having no fixed point of return in my everyday life. Is roaming through life possible?

We are told from the childhood to go to school, to get great marks so we can go to University and then get a real career. As the succession of decisions and milestones happens in your life, you end up at the same wall as everybody else. House purchased, kids born and daycare aligned with your schedule, cars bought on debt to go to work, kids will evolve in the same environment as you did, for the sake of successness, and a dog that roams (!) around your backyard. You are supposed to have found happiness in this manufactured lifestyle, where you have little time for real, meaningful projects of your own, no time for your children, no time to contemplate nature or to roam.

No, you don't need all that shit in your life. With a multitude of techniques, you can regain life from your dead, dull lifestyle. Leave the style to industrialists and marketers, go live on your own terms.

My plan since few years has always been to:

  1. Stop buying shit.
  2. Kill expenses.
  3. Save as much money as possible.
  4. Move in a low cost of living area.
  5. Work part-time in a meaningful job.
  6. Take time with my child so he can learn the right way to live.
  7. Go explore nature like real human beings.
  8. Regain my time, energy and train of thoughts.

As we are moving really soon to the east coast, we won't give up on our plan to live further away from the city, in a small village surrounded by trails and ski hills. Jobs will take a dip, but we don't plan to work both, and we don't plan to work for more than 7 more years. At 40 years old, I want to be able to work part-time and coast towards retirement.

When I think about it, roaming is what people do: the shuttle between their house and workplace. I want to stay put in a low-cost of living area, where I can enjoy living, not working.

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