Published on: 2020-10-07

Ordered a week earlier, my new computer is here. Currently transferring files and settings, I'm typing my first lines using the low-travel (aka Magic) keyboard instead of the previous chicklets keyboard. I must say I'm really impressed by the overall look and feel of my new MacBook Air 2020.

Even if it's the entry-level laptop from Apple, it is really snappy and responsive. I discover the new Touch ID on the keyboard, allowing the user to reduce the number of times we need to type the password to access secure information.

So, for now, my setup is:

You'll notice that I have no smartwatch, no hdtv, no printer, no eReader, etc. Indeed, the only electronic I own is listed above. I need very little to be sufficient.

My file organization is also very simple and backups are redundant. Up to today, I was using Time Machine to backup my entire disk on a 2nd disk in the MacBook Pro, but from now on, I will have to find either an external hard drive to make backups and/or rely on iCloud.

By using a somewhat secure/private iCloud account of 200 GB (shared with my family), I can backup my most important files like websites, photos, documents, books and music. The cost involved is $4/month, so about $50/year to sync and backup files on my devices for all my family members (only 2 at the moment).

To see the progress of my setup through the years, refer to this article from 2012 or this one from 2013 and updated on 2017 (both in French).
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