Published date: 2021-04-08

As we are packing to move temporary to another city by car, I just realized that no article got published with the title Simplify, which is quite unusual since it is basically the heart of my philosophy... and daily struggle.

Let's face it. The world we live in is full of advertisements, social pressure and whatever else imaginary creations of the modern world. And one thing I'm sure in life is that I'm bored and tired of all that. Even if I do everything to filter out all this bullshit, I struggle to life freely and without manufactured wants and desires. No longer the rat race needs to be in my life, but it is not easy to exit ourselves from it. Even if I played the (stupid) game to accumulate wealth enough to live off interest.

Anyhow, simplify is the way to go.

How to achieve it is the main issue.

First we removed the noise from our life. It can be accumulated possessions like sporting gear that we don't use, or obligations like credit card accounts or mortgage payments. No longer I want to take care of so many objects or have high payments on a place I don't like to live (like a condo). Back to basic should be the main goal. Small patch of land to growth vegetables and see our child play around.

No debts, no expensive possessions.

Less work, less consumption, less wants, less stress.

More time, more health, more quietness.

Next 6 months

We will first temporary move to Kelowna up to September. After that, we haven't decided yet where to settle, but we need to focus on the above guidelines. No more I want to have jobs deciding my path. I'm going to use the accumulated funds to try to build a life free of the rat race, free of the pointless wants, to build a simple life as it should have been in the first place.

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