Published: 2021-04-09

Even if in 2018 I wrote a quick article about them and then another one about The Social Dilemma, I'm now asking myself a simple question: How the fuck do people still use social media?

We know is it a huge time waster, a major (and bad) influencer in your habits and actions, a reprogrammer for your brain, a mental equivalent of eating fast food 3 times a day, a loss focus for your life, a negative social stimulant to endlessly compare yourself to others, a place where jealousy is king, where advertisement is omnipotent. And still, people are scrolling, and scrolling, each day on them.

If cigarettes are addictive and can destroy your lungs or your health in general, social media is addictive too and it can destroy your mind.

I'm not pretending to be better than you, but just give it a try; let go of your accounts and go read a book or something meaningful, create interactions in real life, volunteering in a cause, exit the madness race of our society.

Ref: Erudite Primitive

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