Published on: 2021-10-09

We are all weird in our own way, aren't we?

My goal today is to convince you to stay weird because it is good for your wellbeing.

Stop trying to be normal, to act like everybody else to blend into normality. Be weird like nobody else, but you. Me per example, I'm fucking weird at times. I can look totally normal from outside, good looking if you want, ugly if you don't, but inside is where the wild begins.

Wanna know? Ok then.

Whenever I need to take a dump, I have to read something. Anything to read really, just something to spend the time on the throne to learn something stupid. Like the back of the shampoo bottle, a freaking tag removed from a t-shirt, hell the sticker of a banana. This weirdness appears way before the smartphone era, where now everybody reads stuff on a screen. I'm still reading tags, labels and useless stickers.

What else you asked?

My work brings me to many different locations within the country. All offices have a provided lunch room. Whenever I enter it, I look at the microwave. Why should you care? Because you know when you buy a brand-new one, the screen has a protector film on it? I found out that people don't bother to peel it off. So, a big, rewarding pleasure in my life is to find protector films to peel off from microwaves and any other devices with one. The sensation of a complete day, one film at a time.

Freaking nuts I know.

So stop trying to hide yourself under a blanket of lies, be real.

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