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Having read an article about Stoic practices recently, here is a summarize so I don't forget about it in the future.

Stoicism in few words: things indifferent, emotionlessness.

Stoic practices will help bring calm to the chaos we face today.

Internal control

We tend to control few things in life. Control what you can control only: opinions, desires, aversions are what you own and can focus on. It's easy to be frustrated, but the unhappiness stems from the emotional response that we have chosen. Don't let external events affect our internal state of mind.

Time is the real currency

Unlike any material possessions, once lost, time cannot be regained. We must therefore strive to waste as little of it as possible. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

Happiness comes from us

Don't try to get the approval from anybody else. Don't let how others perceive us guide your life. We spend money we don’t have, to buy fancy things we don’t need, in order to impress someone we don’t care about.

No distractions

Abundance is today's world. The paradox of choice hurts our brain. Commit to values first, to guide your actions, then make strong decisions. Live intentionally, each day.

No ego

You will never know everything, don't be arrogant toward others. Reading is a great way to gain wisdom. Keep learning, never settle.

Keep writing

As I personally do myself with this blog, writing allows self-reflection, forces us to ask questions to ourselves and examines our own assumption of the world. A journal boots creativity, increases gratitude, serves as therapy. It's one thing to watch a documentary about climate change per example, it's a step beyond to write your thoughts about this specific subject and keep coming back with your evolved way of thinking.

Keep your positions

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for everything. Your principles are your allies.

Imagine the worst

Stoics imagine the worst events that could possibly happen to them, only to confront the reality as it is, never being afraid to do so. Be ready for failure.

Nothing endures

We are not the centre of reality, we are insignificant in the long run. There is no need for us to conform to irrational expectations and external pressures. Neither do we need to chase accomplishments in the hope of building a legacy. None of us these things last.

All that matters is we live life on our own terms. It is the only way we can truly say that we have lived a good life.


Daily Stoic



Interstitial Ritual

Leo Babauta's idea about finding focus on our daily routine is simple: pause between tasks, breathe, write down you thoughts about your completed tasks, acknowledge it by celebrating and then consider what needs to be done next.

Resources: Einzelganger