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World is a messed up place to live. I don't believe in our ability to regroup and collaborate to save us from us. I'm sorry to say that out loud, but I lost hope in humanity.

The Social Dilemma is a reflection on the duality between two truths, both falses, where people complain, harass, kill and threaten the other side. All because of a non-regulated giant tech industry that is trying too much to make money on digital slaves. It is not only about Facebook, twitter, reddit, instagram and other bullshit websites. It is about communicating the wrong way, in gigantic group of users, within echo chambers.

“There are only two industries that refer to their customers as 'users': illegal drugs and software. " — Edward Tufte

Even though Netflix also has an AI behind its recommendations, at least you pay monthly for the service, thus you can choose to opt out. Or delete your user in your account and create a new one and start fresh from any persuation from a computer, somewhere in a datacenter owned by a corporation.

In the end, even after watching the docudrama, do whatever you want in your life. But suffer with the consequences of your actions and decisions somebody else is making for you. If you are ok to be brainless, go ahead. But please don't arm anybody else in the process.

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