Published on: 2020-11-09

Being 32, I don't feel young so much anymore. Bike crashes might have worked against me, but whatever. The last 4 years were the best ones so far. And I want to make the best of the ones to come. However, should I feel that third-life crisis?

A third-life what ?

I used my favorite search engine (NOT Google) to look up for a simple way to define what a third-life crisis is.

So you have your twenties and “What am I GOING to do with my life” (future). You have your forties-fifties and “What have I DONE with my life” (past). Enter the third-life crisis in your thirties and “What am I DOING with my life” (present).
(The Third-Life Crisis and How to Handle It, Jennifer Ostroski)

Questions I should ask to myself, right now

Things I wish I knew

This post is a big work in progress. I'm not even sure where it is going actually. Like my life.

And you know what? Sometimes, letting it go is a great thing. Nature does its thing too.

Some paths of further reading

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