Published on: 2021-05-20

uncloud: to free from the cloud or obscurity.

Let's face it. Smartphones reign the world now. They drive the economy in broader ways than expected in the first place. You can unlock a share car with it, you can book vacations, reserve flight seats, order food, call anywhere on the planet, video call whoever you want, bank online, and so on. Sky is the limit.

And this comes with a long trail behind it. Because you are so tied to your phone with all the possibilities and services available, your life revolves around it. All your data is probably stored on servers that form the cloud.

I'm far from a data hoarder (read digital downsizing 1, 2 and 3), but my existence is backed up online as many others. I personally pay $3.99/month for a 200GB family plan with iCloud. My data consists of still too many photos/videos (14GB), music (27GB), documents (150MB), iPhone backup (200MB), Mail (10MB) and Messages (500MB) for a total of less than 50GB.

I use no Dropbox, no OneDrive, no applications that rely on a cloud service (with the exception of Debit & Credit, but it is not mandatory and I can think of going without this option).

But still, I consider unclouding my life. As an experiment, but also to stop depending on a service that was previously non-existent. We used to keep less data in the first place and backup ourselves on different support. Why do we keep insisting to turn what used to be free in a subscriptions heavily dependant of a corporation? To me, it is the same thing as bottled water, dying your hair or a paid campground.

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